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“I’d like a large pizza with Green Peppers & Marijuana, please.”

With the legalization of medical marijuana in 15 states (and Washington D.C.), and recreational-use marijuana now legal in 2 states (Colorado & Washington), it is arguably a matter of time before the rest of the country follows. While the states are still determining regulations and have a lot of legalities to sort out, all of this new marijuana legislation has been wind in the sails for the budding edible marijuana industry. There is an unquestionable niche for medicated edibles (coined ‘Medibles’), as so many patients prefer to eat rather than smoke cannabis to reap the benefits.

Since marijuana is still illegal under federal law, medicated products can only be consumed in their state of origin. In response, dispensaries are popping up all over these states offering consumers a myriad of edible options when it comes to self-medicating. Long gone are the days of the simple pot brownie. Medical marijuana can be found in everything from cookies, brownies, popcorn and candy, to traditional main dishes, soups and drinks. These edible items are often baked with CannaButter which is butter infused with marijuana. The fat in the butter effectively absorbs the chemicals in the cannabis which offer relief to patients. Culinary schools are even popping up in these legalized states, teaching students how to grow and cook with cannabis.

Not surprisingly, Pizza is one of the more common edibles found in a lot of medical marijuana dispensaries, which makes sense since it’s one of the most popular food items in America. At Ganja Gourmet, a Denver dispensary offering Pizza infused with Cannabis as one of the menu items, the employees advise the patients that they should stick to a half a slice of pizza when self medicating.

So, do you think pizza parlors across America might someday soon offer Marijuana Pizzas and bread sticks with Garlic-CannaButter dipping sauce?

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