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Why Your Restaurant Needs a WEUNGRY Online Food Order App

More and more restaurants are turning to food ordering apps to keep up with their competitors and the needs of their customers. It’s not just big firms either; smaller businesses are offering apps to compete with larger restaurants and reap the benefits having a food order app brings.

With the busy schedules of many of us today, many people would much rather scroll through an app to make a food selection, rather than calling up to order, then waiting in a queue to pay and collect. There’s an app for everything nowadays, and your restaurant must keep up. Here’s why;

  • Customers tend to spend more on app’s increasing revenue. They have more time to browse through the menu and make a decision on what they want, rather than feeling under pressure to decide on the phone. When placing a phone order or dining out people tend to hold back on their orders as they don’t want to rack up the bill. With an online food order app they know the cost and what to expect, so are more likely to add items they wouldn’t have purchased otherwise.
  • You can communicate with your customers simply. If customers have your app, you can communicate with them using push notifications to notify them of offers and discounts you have available. You can strategize a marketing plan based on order pattern/history and location. Offering discounts increase customer satisfaction and return. If you put time into marketing and building appealing offers, you will entice new customers and retain customers with an online food ordering app. Think of it as posting out flyers without going door to door. Please note you will be required to comply with UK and EU data protection legislation when collecting customer data.
  • You can increase productivity within your team with an online food order app. Less time taking phone orders, payments, and liaising with customers means more time focusing on preparing orders and running your restaurant. The quality of your customers’ experience is increased as they have your menu and payment options all in one app and your staff can focus on preparing quality food.
  • Overstocked on perishables? With an app, you can up-sell and create more opportunities to shift certain items from your menu that may need to be sold. With your app, you can create a meal deal or offer on certain items that you need to be gone.

If you need encouragement on deciding whether to get a food ordering app, think of all those loyal customers you can retain and exciting new customers you could gain. By making extensive use of the data, you can gain from your app you can tailor promotions to your customers and use push notification to communicate with them. You can also offer loyalty schemes within your app. Offering promotions and discounts are fantastic, but your customers need to know what you’re offering and, with an app, they will.

With your app, your business will grow. Your competitors will be planning to use one if they aren’t already, so don’t get left behind.

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